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***Adult dance classes count toward the total hours per week used to calculate tuition. See Tuition & Fees page for further details.***

Ages 16+ Classes

Ballet & Lyrical

Enjoy the many health benefits that come from a full-body ballet and lyrical dance workout! Strengthen your core; improve your balance, posture, flexibility, muscle tone, and stamina; increase your metabolic rate and energy level; and, reduce stress.

This class is designed to accommodate all skill levels. Workouts begin at the barre, progress to the center, and culminate in traveling exercises across the floor.

Class length:  45 mins


Develop a new skill while getting a great workout with this classic, percussive dance art form that will improve your strength, conditioning, flexibility and coordination as you translate the rhythm and beat of the music to the dance floor.

Using a follow-along format that teaches original choreography, you’ll learn core tap skills such as shuffles, brushes, flaps, ball changes, and heel-toe combinations, then put them together to fun music and choreography. All skill levels welcome.

Class length:  45 mins

Dance Fitness

Looking for a faster-paced, high-energy workout? Then you’ll want to join our Dance Fitness class. Using a follow-along format that teaches original choreography, you’ll be sure to get a full-body workout!

Classes begin with a warm-up that focuses on core strength, then transition to faster-paced, floor combinations for a rewarding high-impact dance experience. Good form and technique is emphasized throughout.

Class length:  45 mins

Ballroom Dance

Come join a dance party and learn popular choreography from today’s hit music! (NO EXPLICIT MUSIC OR DANCE MOVES) Featuring ballet, lyrical, jazz, and hip-hop styles, campers collaborate in small groups to create their own dance choreography, and put on a small performance at the end of the week.

Ballroom Intro

Days: Friday


Class Length:

Couples Only

Days: Saturday


Class Length:

Body Conditioning with Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

Whether you’re a ballet dancer looking to enhance your technique or someone simply interested in improving your overall fitness level, Body Conditioning with PBT offers a unique and effective approach.

Each class targets specific muscle groups, develops core stability, increases flexibility, and improves overall body strength by integrating PBT exercises. With the addition of props such as exercise balls and resistance bands, you’ll improve muscle activation, focus on correct alignment, and enhance your overall body awareness.

Class length:  45 mins

Special Events

(Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Events)

Need a crash course in dance? Looking for some unique choreography for that special day? Whether it’s a private lesson or a multi-week group session, our expert instructors can customize a program to fit your needs and budget. Just complete the form below to let us know what you need.

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