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About Us

Neighborhood Dance offers dance and theater classes for all ages. Whether you’re just getting started or have been dancing for years, we have a growing list of programs that will enrich and guide your personal development in these creative art forms.

Our approach is simple: deliver quality instruction that builds proper technique, foster a creative environment that sparks those aha! moments, and provide performing experience that builds confidence. It is in this process of self-discovery and self-reflection where an individual’s unique artistry lives.

Our Approach

Ballet Class

Quality Instruction

Good form and technique builds strength and flexibility, refines movement quality, and ensures a dancer's longevity by preventing injuries. With each student having their own unique strengths, challenges and learning style, we take care to adapt our instructional methods so that students develop the proper form and technique to be able to progress in their training.

Musical Theater Learn Choreography

Creative Environment

Every student has creative potential. Our job is to help them fulfill it. With a guided process that provides inspiration with structured lessons, we foster the behaviors and characteristics necessary for creativity, such as: experimentation and risk-taking, curiosity and exploration, and collaboration and problem-solving.

Performance Experience

Feedback is essential to learning. Through the acts of rehearsing and performing, students develop healthy work habits and learn to associate dedication with the feeling of accomplishment. By stepping out of their comfort zone, they build confidence in their own individual abilities, and learn the value of collaborating with others.

Our Studio

New to the area? Interested in dance or musical theater? We would love to meet you and give you an overview of our program offering. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

In our studio, you’ll find an environment that offers students a positive, enjoyable learning experience. Our dance flooring helps ensure student safety by absorbing the shock and pressure on a dancer’s joints to prevent injuries, and the performance surface we use is ideal for balancing the degree of slip and traction that’s needed for the core dance styles we teach. In addition to physical safety students can feel emotionally safe as well, where it’s okay to just be themselves and express themselves and their ideas without judgment.

Contact Us

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