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Pre-School Programs

Our Toddler & Preschool dance program introduces young children to the basics of dance and the fun and joy it provides. These classes are an excellent way to enhance gross motor development, improve listening skills and nurture the creative spirit.

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Tiny Tots

This creative ballet class is for toddlers ages 6mths to 3 years old. In this class, the instructor and parent gradually help the toddler build comfort in taking dance class on their own. This class is designed for toddlers to explore basic elements in creative movement and ballet to popular children’s movement games. Props such as scarves, flowers, bean bags, and hula hoops are used to enhance the students learning experience.

Ages: 0.5 – 3 years

Class length:  30 mins

Twinkle Toes

This class is designed to introduce your 3 or 4-year-old to the world of dance! Our creative ballet and tap combo classes focus on strengthening locomotor skills, introducing basic ballet and tap movements and general dance concepts in a fun, imagination-driven class. With a teacher who will nurture your child’s confidence and encourage their progress, your Tiny Dancer will blossom.

Ages: 3 – 4 years

Class length:  45 mins

Fancy Feet

Introduction to the foundations of ballet and tap techniques. This class focuses on the basic principles of ballet technique and introduces the concept of “turnout”. Students learn how to articulate the foot, basic arm and foot positions and how to travel in space with poise and clear direction.

Ages: 4 – 5 years

Class length:  45 mins

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