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Jazz & Tap

Jazz and Tap dance classes are popular with students of all ages. Both forms are infused with syncopated rhythms and encourage improvisation. As students progress through the various levels, they build greater dexterity and coordination. Their sense of rhythm becomes more finely honed, and they discover that their strength and speed can increase with each hour of practice.

All About Jazz!
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Intro to Jazz & Tap

A great introduction to the rhythmic styles of jazz and tap! With training in foundational technical elements and footwork such as turns, extensions, jumps and leaps, and tap rhythms and patterns, this class sets our students up for success by laying the groundwork in correct technique and form to be able to take on more challenging movements as they progress. (Intro to Ballet is recommended when taking this class, but not required.)

Ages: 5 +

Class length:  60 mins

Jazz & Tap I

Students train in the rhythmic styles of jazz and tap. Class consists of warm-up, center, and across the floor training. Proper terminology and musicality is stressed. In Jazz, students will learn and practice various footwork, transitions, turns, kicks, jumps and leaps. In Tap, students learn and practice a variety of rhythmic steps and heel/toe combinations. As they build strength and mobility students begin to work on more challenging steps such as shuffles, flaps, time steps, drawbacks, and cramp rolls. (Must be enrolled in a Ballet class.)

Ages: 8 +

Class length:  90 mins

Jazz II

Jazz II is an energetic and exciting class that combines a variety of styles and music. In this class, students will advance on to more difficult skills and continue to improve their technique with center floor combinations, across the floor progressions, turns, leaps, and choreography lessons. Students also continue building their strength and flexibility with center core and isolation exercises. (Must be enrolled in at least Ballet 2.)

Ages: 9 +

Class length:  90 min

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