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Ballet is the foundation of a balanced dance education at Neighborhood Dance and we offer classes for every age group. Students progress from learning the basic positions of the feet, arms and legs to mastering increasingly complex steps, leaps and turns. As confidence grows, so do the opportunities for accepting greater challenges.

Why Ballet?


Classic Combo

This fun class is designed to introduce students to ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Learning key foundational movements, steps, and combinations gives students experience in each style of dance while improving their flexibility, sense of rhythm and overall coordination.

Age groups: 5 + / 8 + / Teen

Class length:  60 mins (90 mins for Teen)

Intro to Ballet

This level is the bridge to assist a student’s transition from the Pre-School Program into a more structured class environment. They are introduced to an increased level of formal training consisting of barre and center work. With a focus on body control, this class develops a student’s understanding and experience of “turnout” and proper body placement and alignment.

Age groups: 5 +

Class length:  60 mins

Ballet I

This ballet class includes traditional barre, across the floor, and center work designed to build a fine, graceful, strong, beautiful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise. Students will learn proper body alignment, balance, precise footwork, and arm placements while increasing flexibility and strength.

Age groups: 8 +

Class length:  60 mins

Ballet II

This class continues the focus on barre and centre work, including adagio, petit and grand allegro. We then introduce more complex movements such as promenade, tour j’ete, rond de ‘jambe en lair, etc. An extra emphasis on attention to detail, musicality, and expressiveness ensure students continue developing proper technique.

Age groups: 9+

Class length:  90 mins

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