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Ballet is the foundation of a balanced dance education at Neighborhood Dance and we offer classes for every age group. Students progress from learning the basic positions of the feet, arms and legs to mastering increasingly complex steps, leaps and turns. As confidence grows, so do the opportunities for accepting greater challenges.

Why Ballet?


Ballet (5 - 7 years)

Students transition from the preschool class format into the more traditional ballet class format. They are introduced to an increased level of formal training consisting of barre and center work. With a focus on body control, this class develops a student’s understanding and experience of “turnout” and proper body placement and alignment.

Class length:  45 mins

Ballet (8 - 10 years)​

Students in this cohort focus on traditional barre, across the floor, and center work designed to build a fine, graceful, strong, beautiful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise. Students will learn proper body alignment, balance, precise footwork, and arm placements while increasing flexibility and strength.

Class length:  60 mins

Ballet (11 - 13 years)

Students in this cohort continue to focus on barre and centre work, including adagio, petit and grand allegro. We then introduce more complex movements such as promenade, tour j’ete, rond de ‘jambe en lair, etc. An extra emphasis on attention to detail, musicality, and expressiveness ensures students continue developing proper technique.

Class length:  1hr 30 mins

Encore Dance Company
(5 - 13 years)

Are you ready for something more advanced and want to take your dance training to the next level? Learn more about our Encore Dance Company where students get opportunities to perform in the community and participate in competitions during the school year session.

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Ballet Combo

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